Come Home...


and laying your head back down...
the dunes muffle the waves back into the and warm, gazing upwards
a pressure builds in your lungs... tears in your cheeks;
for far above you, the expanse of blue sky unfolds, filling every inch of your mind
an infinity, unbounded by the limits of human capacity
like an awareness stretching out, and touching every star in the universe
and every inch of it is full of light,and love is written across the cosmos
and like dams bursting open, your war-torn heart suddenly overflows with belonging
a wholeness you never knew, and never knew possible
rivers of tears, impossible to repress, flowing through you
as your soul orbits the warm center of the universe
from lifetimes forgotten, the arms of a thousand reaching out to you, in unreserved contact
you're home.


Lately it's been feeling like you've pulled away
after all i've given, the time i've spent
i threw my whole life away for you.
this always happens. Why do I even bother getting my hopes up.
nobody stays.
let's hope I can fix this before...


I thought about you all day
i can see the afterlife already
i hear wildlife, the faint tune of a song, i feel the cool breeze flowing through me
the atmosphere is so beautiful.
it's all we've ever dreamed of.


This feeling is becoming too overwheming, too instense
I never knew I'd fall this hard.
Reality hits me, and i remember you're
completely gone from this place.
you don't exist here anymore.
I feel like you're somewhere else, living your dream, your reality.
I refuse to believe you're...dead.
Instead, it is just the beginning.

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